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Directo's-Photo Career is nothing but a person’s course or journey through life. Career development is an ongoing process of gaining knowledge and improving skills in order to move forward to a personally determined and evolving preferred future. Each individuals have to face different challenges of life, but inspite of that each of us spend about 40 years of work in our lifetime. We have a single life and it is completely up to us how we want to spend these 40 years of work before we die.

Now, the question may arise that why this career development programme is becoming more and more important in today’s world. Modern generation students have to face a lots of problems, such as- they never plan for the future, sometimes they blindly follow the crowd, sometimes they have to accept parent’s verdict by force, even living in a fantasy world may drag them into a wrong path etc.

We can divide the career decision making process into five steps- a) discovering yourself, b) exploring options, c) making a decision, d) taking action, and e) evaluating the decision. A successful career development programme can provide help in each of these steps to make sure that a student can achieve his or her goal what they and their family dreamt about.

Mr. Hiranmoy Ghosh

Advisor’s Message

arkadeepmitra Education is the elixir of life. It is the touchstone which initiates self-revelation and gives scope for creativity. It is the bridge between knowledge about the surroundings, the outer world and the inner self, the soul and mind of an individual.
Admission to undergraduate courses is the most important turning point in a students life who aspire to flourish in life.Every parent has a dream that their children achieve best education and become engineers,doctors, management gurus or academicians.The count down to this dream begins even before birth of the child.
However, one failure does not mean the end of the career for a student. Career describes an individuals’; journey through learning and it determines how much a student would prosper in his or her future. Proper career management can help a student to overcome all the failures in life, whereas, lack of seriousness in this regard drives a student towards harder obstacles . For this reason, I would suggest all the students to take up their career seriously and look for a proper career management in order to excel in his/her field and have a prosperous and happy life.

Dr. Arkadeep Mitra

arkadeepmitra In this busy world where so many people are looking for jobs, career counselor can meet their needs. Career Counseling in today and up through the next few years will be in high demands.

A good career counseling can help some one to discover his/her own potential. In modern world while colleges and universities are offering numerous courses, it is very easy for a student to be confused in making choice. A good career counseling is essential to plan one’s career from a long prospective. It has to be kept in mind that not every student its cut out to be a doctor or an engineer, hence we assist in helping the child to chose the suitable career in line with his/her interest.

Mr. Anindya Sundar Nath
(Group HR Director, Al Abbar Enterprises Dubai)

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  • Pooja Basu – Executive Director
  • Madhumita Ghosh – Executive Director
  • S D Ghosh – Executive